Friday, March 2, 2018


My name is Jeff Call.

I'm a STORY ARTIST working at BLUE SKY STUDIOS since 2012. 

Additionally, I'm in my 4th year teaching both a Narrative & Visual Storytelling Class and a Digital Storyboarding class at night at the SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS in New York City.

Current and Professional Work

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Thursday, March 1, 2018


Spies in Disguise is coming to a theater near you early 2019! Unfortunately, I can't put up storyboards for it publicly. If you are curious about my most recent work, please email me at jeffisnotart at gmail.


In contrast to the utter simplicity of its source material, the modern day film version of Ferdinand went through a variety of permutations over the course of its creation (a trait shared by most animated productions amirite?). I spent months on the following scene of Ferdinand trying to escape the bull ranch with the help of the hedgehogs, changing elements here and there to keep up with the evolving needs of the movie. The final film version is very different (only a few of the shots and moments survive), but for my money, this version where we transition from silly and playful to letting Ferdinand (and viewer) visually experience bullfighting from the bull's perspective certainly carried a certain weight and heft. Some of the dialogue is missing and I can't remember it. I'm pretty sure most of the dialogue in here is invented by me so if it's bad don't blame the writers.

(click on the first image and use the keyboard arrow keys to tap through the sequence)